An e-cigarette is made up of several elements that together make the vaping experience unique. One of these most important elements is the clearmizer and then we will try to answer the most frequent questions Keep reading!

What is it?

The clearing is:”The part of the e-cigarette that will contain the e-liquids you choose.”The classic commercial resistance consisting of resistance, cotton, etc. And it’s ready for you to put on your device, pour the liquid on it and start vaping. They are those atomizers that have commercial resistors already prefabricated, to use and throw.

What’s your role?

Its function is to contain the chosen e-liquid and vaporize these liquids, thanks to the heat it receives through the battery and resistance. It is a key element when it comes to vaping so you should take good care of yourself and make sure you are always in perfect condition.

How do we fill it out?

When we have to fill the clearing-up it is necessary to know well what we should do to avoid accidents and ensure the proper use of the clearmizer. Steps to follow: Turn off the battery. Separate it from the rest of the device. Remove the top nozzle (usually threaded), taking care for any traces of liquid. Tilt the clearing-burner 45o. With the help of the chosen e-liquid dropper let it fall through the walls of the clearing. Filling your mod or e-cigarette helps prevent it from overturning, breaking or spilling the contents. Once the process is finished, we must let stand for a couple of minutes and we can now place the clearing. Finally, we close the mouthpiece and incorporate it into the rest of the device.

How long does it usually last?

With the uses, this element wears out and must be changed regularly to ensure the proper functioning of the e-cigarette. Our use of it, its maintenance and care will be reflected in its condition and duration.To ensure that the clearing has a longer duration, it needs certain care that we will tell you later

Where can I find my clearing?

At Submarine Vape we have a wide variety of commercial clearmizers of the best brands and adapted for any model of e-cigarettes.

Clearer maintenance tips

The clearing device is one of the most important parts of e-cigarette, so it must be taken care of to ensure its proper functioning. If we want to keep our clearing cleaner in the best possible condition for longer, there are a number of cares and cleaning tips that we must comply with. In this way, we will avoid the annoying burning taste, the mixture of different liquids and their rapid deterioration. To do this, we must follow periodic maintenance:


It is sufficient to pass a napkin both inside and outside, without the need to use liquids or cleaning products. In order for the clearing planter not to damage this process, it must be done dry and must be done once a week.

Several clearmizers

Another option to keep the clearmizer longer is the use of different clearmizers for different vaping liquids.

Fluid level

We need to check our e-cigarettes daily and we should always make sure that the liquid level of the clearing box is excessively low. Once the liquid has been changed, wick or resistance should wait 15 minutes for the liquid to soak well.


Resistances are very important for the operation of the clearing- It’s the place where liquids are heated to vaporize. If it is damaged, damaged or unhealthy, it needs to be changed. It is recommended to change it every three weeks, however, this will depend on the wear and tear of the resistance. To prevent the resistance from burning, and thereby spoil our e-cigarette, we should not use it if there is less than 0.8ml of liquid in the resistance. This indicates that the clearmizer should be filled. Good maintenance of your clearing, resistance, and e-cigarette will ensure better performance and durability. To do this it is essential not to forget to review it continuously. And if you need to change the parts in bad condition in Submarine Vape you will find everything you need for your e-cigarette.

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