There are so many types of surgery questions that people ask, but in general they have two basic questions. They want to know the cost and whether or not they should have surgery done. Other people will ask if they can be covered by their insurance and what type of recovery will be required after surgery. Here are some answers to the main surgery questions.

Surgery Questions


Cost – The first and most common question is what is the cost? The answer varies from surgery to surgery depending on the area and how much of the body the surgeon is going to work on. The cost may range from thousands of dollars, and the recovery time will vary with each individual case.

Will My Insurance Cover It – This depends on the insurance. There are policies that cover major cosmetic surgery such as breast implants, tummy tuck, and liposuction. You should research the insurances you have and see if any of them would cover the procedure you are considering.

Recovery – What is the recovery time? If you have surgery on your eyes and they get infected then you will have to take antibiotics to fight the infection. If your procedure is done on your face then it will take weeks for the stitches to dissolve. It may be painful for a while, but this depends on the surgery.

What Foods Should I Avoid While Recovery Time is Taken Off? Many patients ask about food during this time. During this time you will need to eat a low calorie diet so that you will be able to recover fast.

These are just some of the surgery questions that people ask. There is nothing wrong with asking any of them and it is not a sign of weakness to ask questions. It is perfectly normal and many people go to the doctor more often because they want to get the answers to all of their questions before they get the surgery done.

Some good questions to ask your surgeon are, Will I heal quicker if I go with an experienced surgeon. Will I heal quicker if I get a breast augmentation? Are my risks higher if I get a tummy tuck? How long will it take for my scar to disappear?

If your doctor does not answer your questions, or the answer is not clear then it is best to find another doctor. A good surgeon will talk to you in detail and give you good answers to all of your questions. If you choose a surgeon that does not answer your questions or the answers are vague, you should look for another doctor.

Do not be afraid to ask your surgeon any questions that you have. Your doctor is there to help you, not hurt you.

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