Good quality snorkeling gear will permit you to enjoy your time in the water in comfort and safety and last for many years if you care for it. It may be a rather cheap and fun way to spend time exploring the oceans for many years to come.

Avoid inexpensive bucket and scoop or supermarket snorkeling gear as they are usually made with cheaper plastics which means they seldom seal correctly, causing leaking, discolor extremely fast and may leave rashes in your face as well as leave a nasty plastic taste in your mouth.

Here at Simply Scuba we offer a broad assortment of excellent dive grade snorkeling gear all certified to CE safety standards so that you can be sure they’ll be comfy and practical so that your first time exploring the underwater world is as great as you imagined it.

You only require a few basic pieces of equipment to get started: a mask,

a snorkel

And a set of hooks but there are some optional extras that will make snorkeling safer.


Snorkeling Mask

It is possible to purchase full-face snorkel masks that protect your entire face and has the snorkel built-in but those are only recommended for surface use since it is not feasible to equalize whilst wearing one in the event that you seem underwater. Equalising is explained below in the mask segment.

They also trap a huge bubble of air within your face which wishes to float so duck diving can be complicated.

A mask generates an air space in front of your eyes so that your eyes can concentrate. Our eyes are not made to focus underwater so we are in need of airspace in front of them to focus correctly.

Lenses in masks need to be flat otherwise they can behave like magnifying lenses in the water which makes it hard to see.

snorkel mask

Masks also have a gentle nose section that encloses the nose to ensure that water doesn’t go in but in addition, it has a few other benefits when you move underwater. As you move under the water that the deeper you go you need to equalize your ears along with the mask itself.

As you descend underwater you’ll feel pressure on your ears similar to being in an airplane taking off that needs to alleviate.

To do this just pinch your nose and gently blow against it, this will cause your ears to pop relieving the pressure. You will also need to blow a little bit of air into the mask as you descend to halt the mask shoving on your face too tough leaving your face marked. If you stay on the surface then you certainly do not need to fret about equalizing your ears mask, it’s just when you float down.

And if you are short or long-sighted, you will need specially designed prescription masks for snorkeling. You can some find good quality full-face prescription snorkel masks on Sports Notch


Snorkels are the tube that sits on the left-hand side of your mask. The main reason it’s on the left is from scuba diving as your regulators come across the side and confusing both underwaters are awful!

Our advice is if you are nervous or new get a good snorkel it makes a massive difference in keeping out water, start looking for one with a purge program at the minimum.

There are three sorts of snorkels; the basic snorkel which is a simple open tube with a mouthpiece on the finish. All these are best for individuals with greater airway management and do not mind some water around their mouths.

Purge snorkels have a one-way valve at the base that pushes any water trapped inside the snorkel.

The trap is generally oversized so you can still breathe if there’s some water from the snorkel, simply breathe out and it’ll push out the water.

Dry Top snorkels possess the valve at the base and afloat at the top that clogs the top of the snorkel and stops water from getting in if a wave splashes over or if you swim beneath the water.

Snorkeling Fins

A pair of fins, we predict them fins not flippers, allow you to propel yourself around in the water. Nervous snorkellers often feel more confident without fins at first which is nice at which there are no currents and small distances to cover but most end up with a set of fins.

fins for snorkeling

Most snorkellers in warm water will opt for full foot fins (those in which you simply slide your bare foot into), after that, you can pick between brief reef fins that have a short blade which keeps the size and weight of these fins down for transporting or normal fins which provide better propulsion.

Other Accessories

Anti-Fog to avoid build-up of fog inside the mask.

Rash Vest

Wet suit

So, Finally now you are good enough to select your first snorkeling kit. However, always make sure to know what you need before you dive in. There are many famous snorkeling brands out there in the market. So always choose a good brand and do not prefer anything over the quality. Always choose durable underwater equipment as it is a matter of your life.





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