Jason Lukas

Jason is one of the creators of Everything Is Collective:

Jason had a close call while working on this project. Typhoid fever and appendicitis hit him at the same time. Woken out of a deep slumber and ushered to a hospital in the middle of the night as his body went into shock and his vision turned to black. "Uuhhhh, I can't see..." he uttered, while being helped into a cab, his body strangely alternating between cold and hot to the touch. He made it through, and is now keeping busy making unique minimalist art and photography in Chicago. 



Scott Goldsbury

Scott Goldsbury is a New Zealand photographer based in Wellington and Indonesia. He doesn’t usually work naked, but this can be arranged.

Instagram: @scottgoldsbury


Jem Cresswell

No, Jem Cresswell is not a barreling wave, or an illuminated green swell line, though he does take nice photos of both. While traveling and filming with Mikala and Daniel Jones, we crossed paths with Jem and friends Ewan and Jase.

“Bodyboarders…” said Daniel.
“How do you know that?” I replied.

“Cause' they’re all wearing black tank tops,” said Daniel. We figured hey, if we can’t defeat em’, might as well join em’, or at least share a boat. They were all really cool guys and they all charged. Jem is contributing his shots from that time.

When not swimming with whales in far corners of the world, Jem works back in Australia as a commercial photographer.