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Hangs Upon Nothing recently premiered in these places:

Bali, Indonesia: Balinale Interenational Film Festival

I was able to attend this premiere and watch the film on a big screen with a lot of the guys who are in the movie. I sat next to Tonjo during the screening, and he and his brother Bleronk both loved the film. That was great to hear, and a relief! It was surreal seeing the movie with all of them in a proper movie theater. We projected from a 2K DCP, and I was really pleased with the color and detail, and sound, quite blown away by it actually. After many trips, a long time filming and then editing and scoring the film, this screening felt like things coming full circle with the project. 

Also was able to meet Lawrence Blair who along with his brother made the 16mm Ring of Fire documentary series a few decades ago, and recently authored a great adventure of a book by the same title. He's quite a character. A big thanks to Lawrence, Scott Goldsbury, Deborah  Gabinetti, and the whole Balinale crew for making this screening happen.

While there, artist/photographer friend Scott Goldsbury and I kicked out a run of 48 screen printed posters for the premiere. We gave them away at the screening.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA: Doctoberfest

The Cape Ann Community Cinema in beautiful Gloucester is probably the coolest theater I've ever been to. It's full of couches and random comfy chairs. If you love movies, check this place out. For other surf filmmakers out there, I recommend contacting Rob Newton, the theater owner, he's up for showing more surf films. We had a nearly full house and the audience was filled with both local surfers and people who just like independent cinema. Met a lot of great people at this place, and the next morning the surf was really quite good, offshore and reeling. 

Rob is another character who lives and breathes cinema. Had a fun time talking Star Wars with him, and checking out his original Revenge of the Jedi poster. The theater has a black "Darth Refrigerator" filled with drinks complete with Darth Vader mask on top, a cape, and Vader chest plate. Rob also has a big library of DVD's along the walls that he lets theater members borrow.

Joensuu, Finland: Rokumentti Rock Film Festival

This looks like a great rock music themed festival. I was really excited that they invited Hangs Upon Nothing to screen there. The show sold out. 

I got a kick out of their write up:

"A wickedly beautiful world.

Now this is a film with plenty of DIY attitude! Hangs Upon Nothing is a surf film which has its main focus on experiencing life and eternal summers on a place called Earth. The entire film has been shot with a spring-wound 16 mm camera from the 1960s, and the result is magnificent! Experiencing this film in the darkness of November is as invigorating as a week-long yoga retreat on a desert island.

The director Jeremy Rumas travels across the world, chasing the eternal summer with a suitcase filled with film reels that can’t be exposed to X-rays at airport security. The film follows surfers of different ages who have quit the rat race and now dedicate their lives to surfing. A reverbing steel guitar plays in the background and the world looks so appealing and beautiful that one could almost cry a little. Escapism? Yes, the best possible kind!

We recommend this film to anyone who’s feeling down because of the darkness or stress."

Porto Alegre & Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Also had two screenings at the Mimpi Surf & Skate Film Festival. Obrigado.

This project is now on Instagram:

Portuguese Premiere

Hangs Upon Nothing will be premiering in Portugal on 30 October as part of SAL - Surf At Lisbon Film Festival! The screenings will take place at Cinema Sao Jorge in Sala 3, pictured below. Looks like a beautiful cinema. A big thanks to Luis and crew at SAL for making this happen! Screening times are:

30 Outubro, 19h30 - Sala 3

31 Outubro, 15h30 - Sala 3


Little Sea Shop

Introducing the new Little Sea Shop:

Some of the above Little Sea Films - 9 waves screen prints are still available, as are a handful of prints of the Hangs Upon Nothing - Triangulation poster, and Triangulation t-shirts. More items coming soon. All designs by me, Jeremy Rumas. The screen print posters were hand pulled by my friend, Matt Ginsberg, in Chicago.

Thanks to Mrenc and his wife down in Forida for sharing the above photo of the awesome frame they chose for their Little Sea Films poster. Thanks for the support guys! Mrenc makes some really cool music, check it out here:

Asian Premiere at Balinale - 15 Oct - Bali

The Asian premiere of Hangs Upon Nothing is set to happen this Wednesday at Balinale International Film Festival! The screening will take place at Cinema XXI, Beachwalk Mall, at Kuta Beach, at 21:00. More information here:

Hongs Upon Kong, en route to Bali.

Gloucester, MA - Sat, Oct 4 - 7:30pm

Excited to announce that Hangs Upon Nothing will be showing at the Cape Ann Community Cinema in Gloucester, Massachusetts on Saturday, October 4th, at 7:30pm, as part of Doctoberfest. This looks like a really cool independent art theater. I will be attending the screening and bringing some hand printed posters, shirts, and some art too. What the Sea Gives Me by Pierce Kavanaugh will be showing earlier at 5pm, and it looks like Pierce will be attending also. Really looking forward to this event. -Jeremy

Cape Ann Community Cinema
21 Main Street * Gloucester, MA 01930

Below are some of the screen prints I'll be bringing. Just picked up this stash of trial proofs that my silkscreen printer friend Matt Ginsberg had been hanging onto.

esta noche!

Hangs Upon Nothing is showing tonight in San Sebastian, Spain, at Surfilmfestibal 12:

This is the longest running surf film fest on planet earth! A big thanks to festival director Sancho Rodriguez for putting this event together. Sidenote: this will be the first screening of the final final edit of the film. 

film burn

Film burn frame from the opening title sequence of Hangs Upon Nothing. I really dig some of the designs that show up in these film burns at the beginning and end of each roll of film. Each frame is totally unique. Visual snowflakes.

This project is on Twitter now too:

& Facebook:

film titles

Preparing to shoot the film title on 16mm film with my Bolex.  I've decided to make a 16mm print of the entire movie to tour with later this year.  So going to need to have the movie title on actual film.  I figure after going through all the work of shooting this movie on 16mm film, it's worth it to make a print and do an independent tour of the movie projecting it from 16mm film.  I've put together a new lineup of musicians to tour with the film, and we started rehearsals recently.  So far it is looking very promising.  Still need to cut the entire 16mm negative!  It is going to be one huge reel of film.  

kona surf film festival

Hangs Upon Nothing is screening tonight on the Big Island of Hawaii during the opening reception of the Kona Surf Film Festival.  A big thanks to fest director Chad Campbell for making this happen. Looks like a really awesome fest he has going out on the Big Island:

The journey of making this film in a way started on the Big Island.  It's hard to really pick a spot where it formally started, but it was there that I really dedicated my energy into making this film.  I went out there to join Chuck Corbett as crew on his boat, the Tuaraoi(Tuaraoi means to share or trade in Kiribati).  He told me I'd better get out there quick, as he was leaving for Kiribati in two weeks.  I was to help out finishing getting the boat ready, he was fixing it up he said.  He was cool with me filming him as long as I pitched in as crew.  I was interested in just filming a bit of what his life as like.  I was mostly interested in getting down to Kiribati and filming him there, where he'd spent about 30 years.

I landed in Hilo and straight away was a bit in shock as to what I walked into.  Chuck showed up at the airport barefoot, covered in grease and dirt, this weathered pirate stare out of one eye, and a light footed wander to his walk.  He was friendly though.  The boat, a 60 foot steel cutter, was a project if I've ever seen one.

Two weeks turned into four months of hard work before we set sail.  We lived on the boat, and worked on the boat six days a week.  Sundays were for relaxing and surfing.  I tried to surf just about every day, riding a beat up rusty old cruiser bike to Honoli'i at days end, and riding back in the dark.  I remember riding back in the pouring rain at night many times.

During month four we dry docked the boat in Kona for two weeks.  That was hard work, dirty work, sanding the entire boat down.  You don't want to breathe that dust in.  Boat paint is nasty stuff.  I almost threw the towel in during this time, wondering what on earth I was doing.  I felt about a million miles from making a surf film at that point.  I was so close to quitting, I remember it clearly.  I had a talk one night with Chuck and crewmate Eddie, a surfer from Texas, about quitting on the boat project, and quitting on the notion of filming Chuck to include him in this film, and just going home to Indiana.

I was able to explore the Big Island quite a bit, and filmed whenever I could.  It is one of the most majestic places on earth.  Some shots of the Big Island are in the intro of the movie, including one of a humpback whale who just happened to breach right in front of my camera.  The coolest thing about that moment was there were little baby whale calves breaching too, they looked so happy, and looked like they were copying the older whales. 


Hangs Upon Nothing is showing tonight in Munich, Germany, as part of Surffilmfestival Munich. This will be the German premiere. Show starts at 10pm. Heard that it looks like there is set to be a good turnout!

* update: Got word back from Munich that over 200 people attended the screening and that it was a big success.  Stoked!


Received this photo of a newspaper clipping from Santander, Spain.  Thanks to Carlos Restegui of Cine Los Angeles for sending this back.

Next screening is this Wednesday, January 22nd, at 10pm in Munich, Germany.  Hangs Upon Nothing is showing as part of Surffilmfestival Munich, and this will be the German premiere:

final mix

Just wrapped up the final sound mix for the final edit of Hangs Upon Nothing. Silhouetted in this photo is Mike Regan, sound engineer and contributing musician for the project, hard at work mixing at Another Country in Chicago. It was an 11 hour session. Mike has done so much work on this project it's ridiculous. Without him, the original score would have never been possible. We're really excited with how it's turned out.

The few screening we've done so far were with a near final edit of the film, and a rough audio mix. Final edit is now locked, sound mix is done, and just a few more technical things to finish up. Looking to arrange many more screenings in 2014. If you have interest in Hangs Upon Nothing being shown in your area, hit us up on the contact page of the site:

next screening - Santander, Spain - Dec. 15

Sunday, Dec. 15, at 8:00pm/20:00h, Cine Los Angeles, Santander, Spain.  More info here:

If you are in that area, hope you can make it out to the screening!  We are screening a near final edit of the movie, the same version that has shown at the Honolulu Museum of Art and the London surf Film Festival.  The Cine Los Angeles theater looks awesome.  It is a classic movie theater that was built in the 1950's.  Carlos Restegui who runs it is a surfer and and someone who is passionate about showing surf films on the big screen.  He seems like quite a character.  This theater was passed down to him by his father.  A big thanks to Carlos for making this happen and for giving Hangs Upon Nothing a prime time slot!  Pictured below is a photo of the theater from way back.



Hangs Upon Nothing was awarded an Honorable Mention at the London Surf Film Festival as runner up for best film.  A big thanks to everyone who made it out to the sold out screening, and a big thanks to Chris Nelson and Demi Taylor, the fest's organizers.  

Here is what Chris had to say about the Hangs Upon Nothing screening:  "Just wanted to drop you a line to say that the screening of Hangs Upon Nothing went down a storm. The film looked stunning on the big screen and the show was a sell out."

The above S16mm film frame is from the climax of the movie.  I was shooting into the sun one morning with Mikala and Daniel, and I remember looking through the viewfinder at some amazing colors and amazing waves exploding and thinking that this would be a special session.


The checkered patterns are seaweed farms, 16mm film frame.

3 days left until the European Premiere of Hangs Upon Nothing, tickets here:

Magicseaweed posted a piece that Chris Nelson put together about the film here:

European Premiere - London Surf Film Festival

I'm very excited to announce that the European Premiere of Hangs Upon Nothing will be happening soon at the London Surf Film Festival.  Looks like an amazing line up of films:

Tickets will be on sale soon.  If you are in London, hope you can make it to the premiere!

world premiere: honolulu - july 20

Hangs Upon Nothing is going to premiere in Honolulu, Hawaii, on July 20, 7:30pm, at the Honolulu Museum of Art's Doris Duke Theatre. Tickets available here:

I am going to be making the trip there to narrate the film live with a mic, similar to how surf films of old were toured.  It's 88 minutes long.

This S16mm film frame is of Demian Amar during a really memorable sunrise session. It's one of my favorite shots in the movie. 

atoll, orion, & a poster

16mm film frame of Chuck Corbett paddling back out in the distance. I shot this footage from the deck of Chuck's boat, the Tuaraoi, anchored in the calm lagoon quite far away. There was a bit of a breeze, and the 60 foot boat rocked back and forth slowly and gently. I used a really long lens and my tripod. In motion these shots have a really nice life to them, there is this gentle sway to them.

Two days ago we added the final percussion touches to the finale of the soundtrack, a song called Orion. Aside from deciding on a song for the end credits, the original score of the movie is now done. Orion is an 8 minute song that stretches over the last few scenes of the film. My idea for it was something that had the feel and scope of the earth and space, I also wanted it to be the sonic equivalent of a grand finale at a fireworks show. It's sort of fitting that the final song of the film was by far the hardest to create. 

This Rogers marching drum is a big part of the soundtrack, and you can hear it in the trailers. It's the deep boom, the one you feel. In the movie it feels like the pulse of the earth to me. That's kind of how I've looked at it in the soundtrack. You don't always notice it, but it's there.

I bought this drum on a whim about ten years ago from Dynamite Music in NW Indiana. I noticed it up on a shelf, and figured someday I could probably use it for something...turns out it has helped shaped this soundtrack.

Rough sketch of a poster concept I've had for a while now for the film, a lineup of silhouettes of all the surfers in the movie.